About Salvage Creative Industries

Who we are, what we do, and why we’re here.

Salvage Creative Industries is a digital agency specializing in crafting clean WordPress websites that replicate a physical story in a digital space. We rely on a lean, holistic design process that is built around the client/designer relationship and leverages the engaging power of short videos and photojournalistic style photography to help leverage story into every website we build together. Additionally, we are compiling a free database on design resources aimed at helping those in the non-design fields have a better understanding of how to interact with their designers to salvage ideas into websites with a clear message and a clean aesthetic.

About Me

Bryant Callahan, Founder

The first time I held a camera it changed me. Seven years after I crash-landed into a Milwaukee snowstorm and four after we gave up gunshots for the rustle of corn stalks, it arrived. Blister pack, with three rolls of Kodak and an unremarkable logo. That camera wasn’t just an assembly of poorly extruded plastic components: it was my own personal Mercury Space Program, complete with a wrist strap and no warranty for faulty workmanship. Surrounded by cornfields and creativity I fired off twenty-four frames, each exposure propelling me further into that brave new world. A few days laters, I held a stack of 3x5s off my first roll and said a silent thanks to God for whatever magic the clerk behind the corner drug photo counter possessed.

Then I went out and held my camera everyday for the next twenty years.

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