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All these people pushed the contact button, and look what happened to them.

“Bryant Callahan has provided invaluable help. He’s really a one-stop shop that we have heavily relied upon for numerous services from day one—and continuing today. His versatility and creativity has been extremely important to us; but just as important is the fact that he always meets deadlines, can communicate in non-tech language, and makes time in his schedule for our every request. I would recommend his services without reservation.”

-Martin Weiss; Owner, Tritac Shooting Solutions

“I am convinced that Providence Pizzeria Co. would not have launched properly had it not been for the creative work of Bryant Callahan and Salvage Creative industries. When I asked Bryant to build us a website and provide food photography, I had no idea the extent to which he would assist in the entire creative process of getting our core concept created. Bryant recognized areas that I couldn’t see myself. Not only did he recognize these areas, but he offered critical creative ideas. Salvage Creative Industries is just that: Casting vision then coming along side and helping to build and salvage that vision.”

-Luke Salvatore; Founder, Providence Pizza

“Bryant is a consumate professional who has given my company a serious edge with brilliantly simple, beautiful, and easy to use web design. His ability to tell a compelling story through design and great copy has uplifted my brand image. He ties everything my company does together in a way that projects a trustworthy image of my business and makes every sale easier than ever before.”

-Kalen Barker; CEO, BlueHollar

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